Herb FAQs

What is Chinese herbal therapy?

Chinese herbal therapy is a powerful and sophisticated branch of classical Chinese medicine, and the primary method used to treat gynecological ailments. Trained herbalists employ a precise and detailed system of pattern differentiation based on presenting symptoms.  This differentiation leads to appropriate treatment strategy and formula composition. Herbs are selected from a large pharmacopia (there are 500+ individual herbs available in the U.S.) and then prescribed in customized blends of 6-20 ingredients. Formulas are designed to maximize benefit while minimizing side effects.

How does Chinese herbal therapy differ from over-the-counter herbs and remedies?

Over-the-counter herbs and remedies are “one size fits all” approaches to treat symptoms; Chinese herbal formulas are complex, customized prescriptions that treat not only symptoms, but also the root patterns causing diseases. In the hands of a trained professional herbalist, custom formulas are safer, more effective, and cause fewer side effects than over-the-counter herbs or remedies.

How are Chinese herbs consumed or applied?

imagesFor internal use, sometimes herbalists will recommend herbs in the form or pills or tablets, and sometimes as a bundle of dried ingredients to be cooked in water, making a decocted tea. For external conditions, herbal oils, soaks, and/or lotions are used. After a thorough consultation, we will design an herbal treatment plan with you, and will be glad to answer your questions along the way.

Is Chinese herbal therapy safe?

The key to safe and effective treatment with Chinese herbs is to consult with a board-certified practitioner who is well-trained, and who offers quality herbs.  WomanCare meets and exceeds these criteria. Just because herbs are natural substances does not mean that they are all benign – some can be quite powerful, and must be recommended with appropriate consideration. Acupuncturists who are certified to practice Chinese herbal therapy have undertaken extensive training in the subject. We learn the properties, therapeutic indications, and contraindications for several hundred individual herbs, and we also become familiar with over one hundred classical formulas.images-1

In addition to meeting this high standard of training and certification, we also regularly review new scientific research regarding potential herb-drug interactions.  We are then able to communicate and coordinate appropriately with your physician, and can provide pharmacology and toxicology information upon request.

Last, but certainly not least, WomanCare strives to ensure your safety by only using the highest quality herbs. All of our products are third-party tested for both purity and potency in a Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)-certified facility. They do not contain any endangered plants or animals, and are free from contamination by heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and preservatives.

WomanCare differs from many other practices in that we do not mark up the cost of recommended herbal products; you will only pay the wholesale cost plus tax and (where applicable) shipping/handling.