Conditions Treated

Acupuncturists treat the whole person, focusing on a pattern of disharmony rather than a disease itself. Because of this focus on the whole person, acupuncturists have success in addressing a broad range of conditions, many of which are difficult to treat with biomedicine alone.

The following is a partial list of general and women’s health conditions that may be significantly improved by therapy with acupuncture and/or herbs. In some cases, acupuncture and/or herbs may be an appropriate primary therapy; in others, they may be a valuable complement to other forms of care.

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If you are interested in current scientific research regarding the efficacy of acupuncture for various conditions, please follow this link to the British Acupuncture Council’s research summaries.

Women’s Health:

Menstruation: painful periods, irregular or absent periods
PMS symptoms: headaches, acne, bloating, mood swings, etc.
Fertility concerns / repeated miscarriage
Pregnancy: morning sickness, discomforts, labor preparation, breech presentation
Postpartum: Postpartum fatigue, depression, pain, lactation problems
Menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, vaginal dryness
Repeated/chronic yeast or urinary tract infections

General Health:

Pain: muscular, skeletal, post-operative, inflammatory, and all other types

Digestion: acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome
Mental health: anxiety, depression, PTSD
Autoimmune and other chronic disorders
Cancer care: symptomatic relief of nausea, poor appetite, fatigue